Thursday, March 20, 2008

Your secret is safe with me: Yao Ming

Dear Yao Ming,

Let's rewind a few weeks, shall we? The date is February 24th, the Houston Rockets have just won their 12th game in a row, you've been playing pretty well, and in general, you're feeling all tall and important.

Next thing you know you're injured— out for the season. The season! Rockets fans are devastated. You are devastated.

Fans, reporters, analysts, bloggers and probably Moochie Norris all think the Rockets are done. How can they possibly contend without their 7' 6" All Star center?

So you become the tallest and highest paid cheerleader in the history of the NBA.

You're pleased when the Rockets win their first couple of games without you. But then they win a couple more, and a couple more after that.

You start to feel a little insecure.

Fast forward to March 16th -- the Rockets have now won 22 in a row. On the outside, you're happy your team is having so much success. On the inside, you secretly wish they would lose-- just once! Is that so much to ask?

The team was supposed to be done, buried, finished without you. Yet here they are ruling like the Ming Dynasty-- except without Ming.

As you know, the Boston Celtics finally ended the Rockets winning streak. I'm sure you acted upset. You probably put your arm around Dikembe Mutombo and said something about getting them next time. He probably responded with something that sounded like English being spoken underwater.

At least you can take solace in the fact that the Rockets couldn't win 23 straight without you, and that your secret is safe with me.


R. LeBaron


Matt said...

Mr. LeBaron:

Great insights into the Yao Ming. Even I could say "They can't win 23 in a row without me!"

Ick said...

I was so glad to see the Rockets get beat by the Celtics.. 2 reasons..

1. I think the Celtics are going to win it all this year..

2. I was getting tired of hearing about how great the Rockets were.. Tracy McGrady in my opinion is one of the most OVER rated players in the league. He generally can't stay healthy for more then half a season, and is just all around over rated.. I love watching a game that Marv Albert is calling when McGrady is having a good game.. He goes on about how great McGrady is.. Well getting paid that much money a season, shouldn't he be great?? ;)

seybernetx said...

The Rockets had a similar stretch once before, about '92 or '93 or so, best I can remember.

Cartwrght (I think is was, the Bull center of the moment, anyway) put an elbow into Hakeem's cheek, and put him out for a couple months with a fractured cheekbone. After a couple hiccups sorting out the new rotation, the Rockets won something like 20 of 21 or thereabouts. Sports shows and columnists were actually talking about bringing St. Hakeem off of the bench to avoid messing up the rotation.

Anonymous said...

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